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Strategic Planning

We partner with clients to identify where they are, set goals, develop effective strategies, and measure success. Utilizing our social science foundation and expertise in organizational behavior, we collaborate to build and execute effective diversity and inclusion plans that deliver diversity, promote inclusion and stimulate innovation.


Our starting point is an assessment of your organization to determine where you are and what you’ve been doing to build diversity and inclusion within your company. This may include an analysis of your workforce demographics, a survey of employee attitudes and behaviors related to diversity and inclusion, or an accounting of formal and informal resources staff utilize and/or are aware of related to their work. Together, we identify how diverse and inclusive your company is, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and any obstacles – internal or external – holding you back.


We partner with your leadership and other interested stakeholders to set short-, mid- and long-term D&I goals that are high and achievable. We base these objectives on what we found in our assessment, as well as labor force trends, and how diversity and inclusion can specifically benefit the individuals, teams, and bottom line(s) of your organization. We help you make D&I more than objectives for your organization; they become a core element of its work or mission.


We develop and implement effective policies and programs to reach your organization’s D&I goals. Depending on needs and objectives, we help your teams institute comprehensive pipeline programs that attract and nourish underrepresented talent; assist workers in developing empowered employee resource groups; establish diversity councils; build accountability into individual and unit incentives; and create clear guidelines in hiring, reviewing and promoting that mitigate individual and institutional biases. We also work with you to frame and communicate your D&I plan internally and externally, creating buy-in, interest, and appreciation for the work you are doing.


Once we’ve determined your D&I goals and created strategies to achieve them, we establish a substantive method of monitoring those objectives, programs and policies in order to drive persistent improvement. Together, we create a set of easily trackable metrics to be reviewed at regular intervals to help determine the efficacy of the plan you’ve put in place. As with everything else we do at The T10 Group, we measure our success by your success.