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Diversity and Inclusion Trainings


The T10 Group provides online and in-person trainings that focus on minimizing bias in institutional practices and mitigating the effects of individual prejudices. We train teams how to take actionable steps to decrease the incidence of discrimination and harassment in hiring, managing, participating in, and leading a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our goal is not only to guide you in how to make D&I a reality, but how to make it benefit your organization.

Available as onlinE COURSES

The T10 Group e-trainings are engaging, dynamic and highly effective. We structure our online offerings as courses, intended to be taken over time. As such, they provide greater flexibility for participants and, the distributed learning allows students to engage with materials in short, frequent episodes to master and retain the material. Although the core trainings are virtual, they can be highly social as well, depending on client preferences. Direct interaction with and feedback from faculty and peers is a standard. Participants engage with T10 Group faculty and coaches eager to strengthen participants’ learning journeys, and collaborate with colleagues to help them progress.


We tailor our trainings to provide different actors with the data, skills and tools they need in their work to build D&I.  Senior managers, HR staff, new employees, individuals from marginalized groups in different stages of their careers, as well as employees involved with ERGs or diversity councils receive targeted trainings to make your organization a place where diversity, inclusion and innovation thrive.


Research shows that trainings focused on alleviating unconscious biases do not work.. Our trainings emphasize tangible steps participants can take to minimize discrimination in institutional practices and mitigate the effects of biases. We stress ways to change structures, procedures and policies, knowing that as your organization becomes more diverse, inclusive, and innovative, individual prejudices will naturally abate.


We focus on actionable items for improving diversity and inclusion in hiring, retention, teamwork, product development and community engagement. Participants learn not only why D&I are important to the organization and their own work, but specific tools they can use to make it a reality.