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Research and Assessments

A core foundation of all our work at The T10 group is research. We excel at gathering, analyzing and interpreting data related to D&I. whether it’s to help our partner companies improve their bottom line or to provide industry leaders with an examination of the state of diversity in a particular sector, we deliver comprehensive, clear information needed to move forward.


Assessments and Reassessments

Most of our work begins and ends with assessments. Whether it’s to develop and implement a comprehensive D&I strategy, provide coaching to diversified teams, or establish a pipeline program to help advance underrepresented groups through the organization, we employ social science tools to identify where you are before helping you determine where you could and should go. And in every case, we reassess at multiple points to ensure success

Program Evaluations and Monitoring

We use our scientific expertise to help organizations gain critical insights into interventions – from trainings to mentoring to broad pipeline programs – they employ to boost D&I. You want to know whether and how what you are doing is working; we evaluate and monitor initiatives through a variety of methods and provide recommendations to help you improve performance and amplify efficacy.

Research Reports

We use rigorous research methods and robust data to produce independent studies related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. We deliver our findings in reports that are informative and appealing to a wide-audience, from industry leaders to policy makers to academics and the general public.