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[fusion_text]We recognize that developing a diverse workforce also requires effort to maintain one. That is, what worked to maintain a homogenous workforce won’t necessarily fit a heterogeneous one. Of course, any skilled business leader knows that keeping your employees happy increases productivity, and that a diverse professional workforce is worth its weight in gold. We work with you to identify ways to retain and increase productivity while ensuring your new top employees find a hospitable environment in which they can flourish.

As with everything else, we base our retention efforts on solid social science. Using case studies, focus groups with current employees, as well as secondary research on diverse markets, we work with you to ensure turnover rates are low. Trainings, responsive ERGs, mentoring, and the clear communication of a mandate of diversity are just a few of the ways in which The T10 Group can help you establish your organization as a leader in workplace satisfaction.[/fusion_text]