We partner with organizations to build diversity, inclusion, and innovation from the inside out in which they can take pride.

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We know that diverse companies are better companies because they are more productive, more creative, and more effective.
Due to mounting external pressures, corporations can no longer afford to deprioritize diversity and inclusion for their workforce or consumers. 

Our Methods

Employing a foundation of social science and empirical data, we partner with you to ensure success. As a business run by women and people of color who are themselves Ph.D. level social scientists and former business executives, everything we do produces measurable, lasting results.


All our engagements include an evaluation to determine where you are, what you need, and ultimately, how our work impacts yours.



Whether we’re providing focused diversity trainings, building a D&I strategy, or hiring underrepresented groups, we partner with you to set high and achievable goals.

drive change

We collaborate with clients to build on their organization’s strengths and potential to drive goal-driven, tangible change.



As a firm rooted in social science and passionate about building diversity and inclusion, it is essential that our work brings real benefits. We measure our impact to ensure success.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

We partner with clients to identify where they are, set goals, develop effective strategies, and measure success. Utilizing our social science foundation and expertise in organizational behavior, we collaborate to build and execute comprehensive plans that deliver genuine diversity, inclusion and innovation.
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D&i training

The T10 Group provides trainings that focus on minimizing bias in institutional practices and mitigating the effects of individual prejudices.
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REcruitment, hiring & retention

We ensure you recruit, hire and retain top candidates who will help improve your company through the diverse perspectives and backgrounds they bring to their work and your team. We find the best of the best, help you mitigate bias from your search and review processes, and set you and your employees up for success. Learn More About Recruitment, Hiring & Retention

research & assessments

A core foundation of all our work is data and analysis. Whether it’s to help our partner companies improve their bottom line or to provide industry leaders with an examination of the state of diversity in a particular sector, we deliver comprehensive, understandable information needed to move forward.
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