Welcome to The T10 Group

Recruiting a diverse workforce or leadership team may seem a daunting task, particularly in fields that require technical expertise, advanced degrees, or considerable experience. Women and minorities do represent a smaller proportion of incumbents and graduates in many fields, but it is easy to misinterpret a lack of diversity in the workplace for a lack of diversity within the talent pool. Finding and keeping a diverse team at any level of an organization is possible when you know where and how to recruit; how to accommodate new and old employees; and how to make diversity meaningful.

The T10 Group couples their social science approach with a strong network of minority and female employees, educational institutions, affinity groups, and advocacy organizations. We understand the nuances of how to recruit and retain a highly qualified diverse professional workforce and how to help talented people from diverse backgrounds link up with employers seeking to diversify.

Our Approach

Our ability to handle diversity issues is rooted in our approach as social scientists and the knowledge we have about diverse populations garnered through our research and consulting backgrounds. The founders of The T10 Group have doctorate and undergraduate degrees from some of the top universities in the world, have conducted extensive research on diversity, and truly believe in the benefits of diversity in organizations and sectors. As social scientists, we recognize that there is no single solution or approach that will work for all organizations or that will appeal to all employees and candidates. As such, we will always explore the nuances of recruitment and retention of a diverse professional workforce for each individual organization with which we work. Guided by these principles, we offer a tailored approach and partner with our clients to create lasting solutions.

What Makes Us Different

What We Do Differently from Other Diversity Consultants and Search Firms